Gallatin Field Museum of Flight
Gallatin Field, Montana

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A new aviation museum is in the planning stages.  It will be located at Gallatin field in Belgrade, Montana.  The Gallatin Field Airport Authority will donate property for the museum’s use.  The museum’s founder, Bob Green of Three Forks, Montana, will erect the building.  Bob is the owner of some of the aircraft that will be on display.  The museum will highlight military aircraft and people in the Gallatin Valley area who have made significant contributions to aviation.

Bob is the owner of four F-100F Super Sabres.  Two of these aircraft are based at Gallatin Field and the other two are based at the Mojave Airport in California.  All four are in flyable condition.  One of the aircraft at Mojave Airport just completed a high speed (.98 Mach) chase mission under contract with a local Mojave company.  Bob’s goal for the four F-100s is as follows:









1.      MISTY FACs:  The F-100F was the aircraft used by forward air controllers in Vietnam.  Col Bud Day was the first commander of the Misty Detachment that was formed in 1967.  Bob would like to paint one of his F100s in Misty colors and maintain it in the museum as a flyable aircraft.  Here is some Misty history.

2.      HERITAGE FLIGHT TEAM:  Bob would like to dedicate a second aircraft as a member of the United States Air Force Heritage Flight Team.  The mission of these aircraft is to display the evolution of US Air Force airpower and to support the Air Force’s recruiting and retention efforts.

3.      TEST FLIGHT:  A third aircraft is available for contract flying at the Mojave Airport, California.

Bob also owns the following flyable aircraft which may be included in the museums inventory:  F-86, T-33, T-6 Texan, and BT-13.

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