hypertrophy                strength         power/pliometrics         endurance                 combat             maintenance

|     December     |     January     |     February     |     March |     April     |     May     |      June 

|                                    stairs                                                   |

    strength     power/pliometrics     endurance             combat         worlds

|     July     |     August     |     September     |         October     |         November     |

HYPERTROPHY:     Generate training base. High volume/low - moderate intensity.

STRENGTH:             Increase strength. Moderate volume - high intensity.

POWER:                     Recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. Most exercises at near max weight, 
                                     others with little weight but high velocity

ENDURANCE:         Generate endurance. High volume - low to moderate intensity.

COMBAT:                   Event specific training on the course.  

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