Ready on the Red Ready on the Blue 

                                             All year long you practice and train
                                            Working the body and also the brain
                                         Remembering things that will cost you time
                                      Like opening the nozzle before it crosses the line

                                      Left foot or right foot with which one do you start
                                     Knowing your team depends on you to do your part
                                         A fraction of a second the day of your race
                                  Can mean the difference between first and second place

                                       To the top of the five story tower in record time
                                    Taking steps two at a time is going through your mind
                                          Once on the top your heart is now racing
                                   From here you can look over the course you are facing

                                     Hand over hand on the rope and it starts to the top
                                        One little mistake and back down it will drop
                                        Turn in one motion and then start back down
                                     And every step must be touched on your way down

                                   You walk fast to the Keiser and start pounding away
                                        Trying your best to drive it in nine hits today
                                         Breathing now at twice your regular pace
                               There is comfort in knowing you are halfway through your race

                               One hundred and forty feet away a charged line lies in the sun
                                     A fast walk will get you there but never do you run
                                            Shoulder the hose the nozzle in hand
                                            Now you can run as fast as you can

                                      Hitting the target with a straight and quick squirt
                                    Then on to the dummy knowing how much it will hurt
                                            At this time familiar voices you hear
                                   Your team and fellow firefighters are starting to cheer

                                           With one hundred feet to go for the last time
                                      You pick up the dummy and back towards the line
                                           Lifted high and held tight to your chest
                                 Hoping when the clock stops it will show your personal best


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